The development of advanced power sources for electric vehicles has become the mainstream of modern energy industry. However, the issues of production, transformation, storage and efficiency of energy have always been the burning issues of many new energy applications. THU and TUM have strong scientific and technical research bases. According to their own advantages and characteristics of scientific research, they have made a number of original research results and new technologies in the cutting-edge science and technology research fields. The establishment of IAPS aims to enhance the cooperation between THU and TUM in the area of Electromobility.

Electromobility is a key technology for sustainable transportation based on renewables. The Chinese government increasingly supports new projects on hybrid technology and electromobility. The development of improved (Li-ion) batteries with increased energy and power density, lifetime and safety is the focus of fundamental research. In this area there exists a large expertise in China. Germany has strong capabilities in automotive technology. Beyond improved batteries, progress in engineering and new design concepts specific for electric cars should result from the Sino-German collaboration.

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