The second IAPS workshop was held at the Shenzhen campus of THU on the 4th of November 2012. In the workshop 2012, besides the presentation of ongoing projects there were lively discussions on the future direction of electric mobility research and the IAPS. The Chinese partners and industry participants considered this workshop very valuable. In addition to direct research concerns the industry has also discussed the role of the IAPS: how the IAPS can contribute to improving the cooperation with the industry, and what role the IAPS can play as an intermediary between industry and government. It has been suggested that the IAPS should work closely with industry and government to identify problems and demands, and that research projects should be developed taking into account the interests of the industry. The IAPS aims to establish a platform for networking between industry and research institutions in China and Germany. Because of good contacts with German universities, especially with TUM, the IAPS can forward the important questions from the industry to the right people, and thus play a bridging role between industry and research, and between China and Germany.